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VCA BPM is an end-to-end process management suite that gives businesses complete control over operations. The platform brings together leading industry practices and AI technology to create a solution for process management, operations, and delivery.

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  • Project Management Integration
  • Data capture and management
  • Specific access control
  • User sign in control
  • Process and task activity monitoring
  • Real-rime monitoring
  • Report generation
  • Transaction-based monitoring
  • Integration
  • User-friendly interface
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Task/process performance analytics

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  • Company Name: Cordis Technology LLC
  • Headquarter: Schaumburg, Illinois United States
  • Website: Visit Website
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Value Creation Automation BPM platform is crafted to give businesses an edge through systemized automation of workflows. The platform amalgamates the latest management methodologies, Lean and Six Sigma principles to create a lean organization. VCA was developed by Cordis Technology, a leading IT firm in Dubai, which promises to break all traditional boundaries set by existing BPM solutions. The firm has invested over a decade of expertise in creating VCA for business users across the globe.

What sets VCA BPM apart from the rest is its innovative approach to automating entire end-to-end process cycles through an integrated framework. Business users can manage, execute, control, and monitor entire processes through a single, unified medium. The technology includes sophisticated AI technology to oversee and manage key operations without the need for constant manual supervision. Mechanical and robotic systems are integrated with the operational division for leaner production with minimal input.

The system is geared towards being user-friendly without the complexity of automation suites. VCA BPM delivers real-time results and gives managers a 360 view of process operations on their user screens. All activity monitoring is real-time based, which allows for timely detection of bottlenecks and technical mishaps. Users can manage individual operations, task-level processes, and minute activity through dedicated tools and activity controls.

Businesses can implement VCA BPM within their core process structure and increase ROI returns through operational effectiveness within months of implementation. VCA is built upon the principles of lean management which tackle resource wastage, maximize time utilization, resource efficiency, and effectiveness. The program can be adjusted to meet organizational requirements irrespective of the industry type or size. Each and every process type is crafted to meet defined output objectives and deployed which leads to effective cost monitoring and evaluation, reduction of resource wastage and cost, and increase in deliverable output.

VCA BPM supports a wide range of processes through the integration of management methodologies and lean practices in an automated manner. All input is measured at the task level to ensure the generation of value-oriented output. Users can view task-level output and process-level output. Each process is measured against defined constraints set by the system. These include time, resource utilization, cost, and budget. Any output delivering with variation is immediately identified by the system and rectified before completion.

VCA BPM serves as a comprehensive operational front for automation. The accessibility of integrated tools with the VCA platform gives full control to business owners and helps eradicate any process slow-downs, bottlenecks, defected output, and other variations.

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