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Sapaad is a cloud-based Point-of-sale and delivery management system for restaurants that eliminates the need for expensive servers or IT contracts. The platform is scalable to suit the needs of small cafes and multi-chain restaurants, whether online or dine-in. Sapaad is compatible with all devices, so owners don’t need to invest in proprietary hardware. Some useful features include a kitchen display system, integration with 3rd party partners, and food ordering platforms. Sapaad integrates with leading online food delivery partners, including GrabFood, Deliveroo, Foodpanda, Zomato, Talabat, Uber Eats, and Logistics/Delivery Partner Lalamove, Quiqup, Lyve, and more.

Pricing of Sapaad


USD 58.99


USD 53.99


  • 1 outlet
  • CRM: Free
  • Cloud Point-of-Sale (POS) Web-Based/iPad App
  • LIVE Business Dashboard
  • Total Menu Management
  • Walk-In
  • Take-Away
  • Dine-In
  • Home Delivery Management
  • Business Trends Analysis & Reports
  • Discounts & Promotions
  • Offline Mode
  • Staff Access Control
  • CRM Free up to 2
  • 500 customers
  • Unlimited Devices
  • High Security & Data Privacy
  • Tax Compliance
  • Unlimited Users
  • Diverse Billing & Payment Methods
  • End-of-Day Closing - Daily Business Report
  • Free Support
  • Invoice & Kitchen Printing
  • Inventory: $35.99

Key Features of Sapaad

  • Touch Screen (Billing)
  • Returns Tracking
  • Retail Management
  • Restaurant POS
  • Pricing Management
  • Ordering Automation
  • Customer Account Profiles
  • Commission Management
  • Barcode Scanning
  • Loyalty Program
  • Sales Tracking
  • Gift Card Management
  • eCommerce
  • Discount Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Layaway Management



Cloud Hosted

Customer Support:

Phone,Online (Ticket)



Languages Support:


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Company Details

  • Company Name: Sapaad
  • Headquarter: Singapore, Singapore Singapore
  • Website: Visit Website
  • Social Media:


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One of the best POS software for restaurants


Restaurant POS Software for better efficiency

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Sapaad is a great vendor for restaurant ops

Sapaad is a great vendor for restaurant operations. It is easy to use. The customer service is the key highlight. We would highly recommend Sapaad for restaurants looking to simplify their operations.

- Aayush K
Reviewed at 26/12/2021
Source: trustpilot.com
Promised much. Delivered very little.


What are the best aspects of this product?

Overall GUI looks easy on the eye. Basic setup is easy.

What aspects are problematic or could work better?

The company is based in Dubai with backend in India. They have a sales office in Singapore where the representative promises a lot but delivers very little. In Singapore, government offers merchants grants for implementation of POS solutions which means that companies have very little incentive to really innovate and pay attention to customer service. Their main aim is to do the first sale as once the sale is done and basic implementation is achieved, the customer can claim the amount from the government. The system works for certain F&B companies. Unfortunately

1. Touch screen options are awful.
2. Login creation for your staff can only be done via email addresses (instead of a PIN system).
3. You cannot create a floor plan. Just table numbers.
4. Inventory module can drive you nuts with constant refreshing while you are uploading the products.
5. The UOM in the inventory module is not intuitive.
6. Integration with 3rd party software is poor.
7. Support staff based in India are erratic and I personally encountered a pretty rude staff once. Our menu was uploaded by the staff and they made a hash of it (even though we paid for it on top of the subscription).

I believe other people may have better experiences compared to us but we wasted a lot of time and money on the product. In the end we pulled the plug and cancelled the subscription as both the sales staff based in Singapore and the support staff based in India were pretty poor.

What features/services would you like to see in future versions of this product?

I won't touch it with a barge pole

What specific problems in your company were solved by this product?

None. It was a waste of time and 3 months worth of subscription along with the money paid for menu setup.

Are you a current user of this product?


- CJ Wadhwa
Reviewed at 12/11/2021
Source: financesonline.com
Excellent and user-friendly POS software


What are the best aspects of this product?

Sapaad is so user-friendly that you don't even need to train to start navigating through the software. It has also allowed us to automate and integrate with our existing tools excellently.

What aspects are problematic or could work better?

It would be nice to improve the user interface and make it more touch-sensitive. It's nice to have, but not urgent.

What specific problems in your company were solved by this product?

Sapaad made it so easy for us to set up and integrate this system with other programs and made our process a lot smoother.

Are you a current user of this product?


- Creola
Reviewed at 21/10/2021
Source: financesonline.com
Easy to navigate.

Easy to access and navigate.

- Remma Buenafe
Reviewed at 26/09/2021
Source: trustpilot.com
Fully satisfied with all support

Fully satisfied with all support

- accounts ror
Reviewed at 24/09/2021
Source: trustpilot.com

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Sapaad has 1 plans,

  • Sapaad USD 58.99 /Month

Sapaad is the Restaurant POS Software Used for the below functionalities

Top 5 Sapaad features

  • Touch Screen (Billing)
  • Returns Tracking
  • Retail Management
  • Restaurant POS
  • Pricing Management

Sapaad provides Phone,Online (Ticket) support.

Sapaad is not allowing Free Trial.