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Zoho Forms is an amazing online form builder that can be integrated with the provider's campaigns, CRM and desktop apps as well. It offers the users with everything that is needed to have the perfect forms to show up on the web media, be it just simple text boxes or the complex fields for formula. It has certain other features up its sleeves like collecting payments, create PDFs, making ‘Thank You’ pages and performing calculations. And since the design for anything on the internet matters, Zoho allows the users to personalise the forms with templates and themes. The forms can even be shared via email campaigns and social media to increase the effectiveness and sign up rates, thanks to the public links. It can even be embedded as HTML links, pop-up dialog box, QR code, etc. So, if the users need a high level of customisability and a slew of features, the Zoho Forms is the way to go.

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