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Zenkit Projects is a user-friendly project and collaboration tool that grows as you do. It is a task management tool with features similar to ones you would find in Trello, Wunderlist or Microsoft Planner including a basic spreadsheet, database and calendar functions and a mind-mapping option. With Zenkit Projects, you have a place you can easily view items assigned to you or your team members and with it, you can automatically assign tasks to your team members while being aware of activities going on in your team. Its mode of view can be switched from one to another with options including a Kanban board style, a spreadsheet-style grid, a to-do list or a calendar. Also invite and collaborate with other people of your choice to share resources and work on a project. A search option allows you to find anything in a matter of seconds. The filter also helps in your searches to guide you to exactly what you’re looking for and frequently used filters

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