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VIENNA Advantage is the first document management platform to be seamlessly linked with ERP and CRM solutions, supported by a single unified business management suite. It offers high levels of automation and document encryption along with finance management, asset management and HR and Payroll management. The VIENNA Advantage Application Development Framework is a cutting-edge open source platform for creating unique business apps quickly for your company or clients. It provides tools to organise your global financial management, consolidation, strong reporting capabilities, and simple yet outstanding operational accounting all in one platform. VIENNA Advantage Finance Management enables you to obtain accurate financial data quickly and dive down to understand the "Why" more rapidly. To ensure correct accounting treatment of your assets, you can automate your depreciation and amortisation schedules. You can track the asset over its entire lifespan and keep track of information such as its maintenance, location and costs. The VIENNA Advantage Document Management System aids in the

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