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Upwave is a productivity management software that helps businesses with project-based collaborations, risk management, portfolios, and day-to-day tasks. At present, top-notch organizations spread across 30+ international countries depend on Upwave to visualize projects under different views. Supervisors are allowed to switch between different views, including tables, visual boards, calendars, and timelines. Further, customised portfolio views made available by Upwave help users manage projects, generate intuitive reports, and take actions accordingly. Large teams can also depend on Upwave to plan, track, organize, and collaborate as per convenience. For admins, an integrated segregation feature helps with breaking down project-specific silos, besides streamlining multi-departmental teams and external partners. They can also sign tasks, upload files, write down comments, and offer relevant feedback on the go. Upwave even facilitates real-time integration with external platforms like Slack, Google, Okta, Microsoft, and Interaxo.

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