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Trakstar is an intuitive performance monitoring software that can be used to build the best team comprising highly talented employees who are always keen to serve their best. The fully integrated platform can be used to streamline performance, take care of employee engagement rates, recruit new staff and customise relevant learning schedules as per need. Organisations can start their Trakstar journey with a single module or with the entire platform as per need. The software enables them to carry on with the scaling part as the team continues to grow big in size. With an inbuilt performance tracker, supervisors can generate a culture of consistent feedback within their workspace. While on the other hand, the learning management portal facilitates seamless training and development simultaneously. An intuitive applicant tracker present within takes care of the hiring workflow and organisations get to make accurate changes with scheduled surveys. Further, seamless integrations with external platforms like Salesforce, Quickbooks, Slack, Onelogin, GoogleHR, Namely

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