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SutiHR is an HR software that offers strong solutions for every stage of the HR process, from hiring to firing. SutiHR's advantages extend beyond the HR department; employees and managers have access to tools that make their jobs easier and more productive, saving the company time and money. The personnel module in SutiHR allows you to save as much data as you want, removing the need for spreadsheets and sticky notes. Performance reviews, training staff, credentials, and other topics can all be used to create alerts. You can make the most of the advantages you provide to your employees. You can build flexible benefit plans that give employees a number of benefits and opportunities to select from. Remove the need for documentation to be distributed and inquiries to be answered during open enrollment. Their documents module enables document versioning, online form completion, and eSignature integration. You can get all of your employees to sign the most recent employee handbook with just one click.

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