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Shopify POS is a POS service that makes it easy for sellers to accept payments from anywhere, whether it's in-store, online, or anywhere in between. This allows businesses and individuals to sell their goods or services without worrying about processing payments. The POS accepts all possible forms of payments, from cash to credit cards of every major bank, solving a major pain point. The overall flow is fully automated as well, with every payment that's accepted via Shopify POS automatically updating the store inventory, orders, and customer data. Sellers can easily customize pricing by adding discounts and accounting for taxes on the fly. Even the after-sales service of processing refunds and sending receipts is all managed within the same platform. Plus, setting up the POS system is seamless and can be integrated with devices of all kinds. And, customers get a free Shopify online store within the same plan, which offers a ton of additional benefits.

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