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Salesforce is a cutting-edge Customer Relationship Management software that brings companies and their customers together. The integrated software helps departments like commerce, marketing, sales and service to get a unified view of each client. Moreover, companies can also leverage the software to deliver amazing shopping experiences to individual buyers, automate time-consuming jobs, assure quick resolution to queries raised by customers, and strategize personalised marketing schemes. The solution serves organisations scattered across industries like retail, automotive, higher education, public sector, media, communication, hospitality and transportation, nonprofit and more. With Salesforce, organisations get the advantage of joining the 150,000+ like-minded companies where they can find a massive community of experts ready to help in their company’s growth, besides offering an estimate of their Return on Investment (ROI). Lastly, the AI technology-equipped chatbot (Einstein) within the software helps companies reassess past interactions with individual clients and better understand raised queries.

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