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Rodeo is a project management solution that helps organizations get their teams on the same page, ensuring better business ROI. The software offers a wide variety of managerial features and tools, using which business houses can monitor the budget of individual projects, generate invoices, assign tasks and get them completed. With Rodeo, managers can create sections within their projects. They can also use the pre-built documents offered by the solution or customize their own. Rodeo offers real-time integration with external accounting software like Quickbooks. Its activity timer ensures time monitoring in a precise way. Organizations can plan out recurring invoices and get them sent to clients and partners in an automated manner. Rodeo understands the importance of data privacy and security, admins can set role based access rights within the solution and assign specific permissions to individual employees. The software offers detailed reports on the projects which are currently in progress and the closed ones, enabling users to gather a better understanding of their business

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