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Rippling is an HR solution that manages businesses’ human resource, IT and operations. Rippling helps to centralize employee data and systems and automate all the manual processes involved with employee management, this helps the companies to run more efficiently. Rippling integrates with HR systems to get employees set up and prepared for work day and places. Employees can be added to mailing lists, Slack channels, Box folders, GitHub repos and various other apps. Rippling can be used to get new hire with its Automated Onboarding. Rippling also offers solutions for new hires by managing their computers, installing endpoint security software. Strong security features help to keep users’ companies protected - down to wiping and re-provisioning for new hires. For human resource, Rippling helps take care of payroll, time tracking, reports, performance management and other related issues, and for IT, it manages Cloud LDAP, Single Sign-on, computer management, to name

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