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Remarkety is a cloud-based marketing platform designed to help ecommerce businesses, agencies, and retailers. It combines ecommerce data, customer behaviour, and algorithms to deliver effective SMS, Email, and social campaigns that help to grow businesses. The tool uses the most advanced technology and big data analysis to help engage customers and build long-term relationships. It decreases acquisition costs and increases customer value. Users can send behavioural email messages based on real-time signals and user behaviour. Website visitors can be converted into shoppers with effective email follow-ups. Emails include personalized product recommendations related to categories and products recently viewed. It allows users to easily include product recommendations into emails with easy drag and drop options to raise average order value, and increase the number of items per order and overall engagement. The dashboard shows important metrics like click rate, email performance tracking, and open rate. It allows businesses to easily select which customers qualify for a coupon and then automatically generate

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