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Pocket HRMS is a cloud-based software that greatly assists businesses with employee management policies and access to upgraded MIS reporting tools. The self-service portal of pocket HRMS is ideal for employees to maintain their attendance, leave, IT, declaration, etc. With its useful feature, Pocket HRMS can transform the business payroll and HR operations by digitizing the business payroll, processing attendance, HR operations, and digital onboarding. It enables the employees to access the information anywhere anytime by using the latest mobile and cloud technologies. Pocket HRMS is an effective hire to retire HR solution that integrates the strength of cloud and mobility. Its extensive feature of easy access across devices offers the users a great benefit of simplifying their daily activities by keeping the fun in HR alive. Businesses must opt for this AI-based HR digital assistant because of its extensive modern features. It comprises a completely digital onboarding process, remote attendance management, and complete cloud-based employee payroll processing. Pocket HRMS makes the

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