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Petpooja is a user-friendly Point-of-Sale (POS) system that helps restaurants manage their business from online payments and inventories to KOTs. The platform manages front-end operations like the restaurant’s online ordering widget, feedback session, information kiosk, and a virtual wallet. Restaurants can also manage back-end operations such as Queue Management, KDS, Captain Ordering App, and Token Management. Integrations to ERP, Payments, Aggregators, and loans can also be managed. Petpooja also offers advanced products like Delivery Dispatch Drive, Waiter Calling, and FoodBOT/Robot, which optimize the restaurant's operations. The Restaurant Management POS of this platform is built for all types of restaurant such as cafes, cloud kitchens, food trucks, dessert shops, bakeries, pubs and bars, dine-ins, and QSR. In addition to

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