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OnPay is a payroll, HR, and benefits provider that offers growing businesses an easier way to manage their finances. Available in all 50 states, OnPay allows employers to run payroll from anywhere, pay employees through direct deposit, debit cards, or printed checks, and automate all their tax filings and payments. OnPay even handles all the setup and offers a tax accuracy guarantee. All of OnPay's services are included for a flat monthly fee of $36 plus $4 per employee. This fee includes unlimited pay runs (and any cancellations), tax filings (including 1099s and W-2s), and integrations with QuickBooks, Xero, and top time tracking software. OnPay also offers payroll services for organizations like nonprofits, clergy, and agricultural businesses. A full set of HR tools (including self-onboarding, offer letters, and PTO tracking) is also included. When an employer wants to offer more robust benefits, OnPay is a licensed health insurance broker

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