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Mie Trak Pro is an AI-enabled enterprise resource planning software that helps businesses with their manufacturing operations. Mie Trak Pro is capable of analyzing product-wise manufacturing costs, enabling businesses to make the right decisions without much hassle. Users can also depend on Mie Trak Pro to generate dynamic sales orders and get them updated in real-time based on customer requests. Mie Trak Pro also helps users with their order handling tasks, from small ones to the ones including 10,000 piece assembly. AI simulation tools loaded within Mie Trak Pro helps businesses create accurate scheduling for individual workers and get the most out of the day to day operations in an efficient manner. This way businesses can handle assemblies, purchasing requirements, multiple machines and even employee constraints with great flexibility. Mie Trak Pro comes with a personalised dashboard that provides updated information at every stage of production. Lastly, an in-built A/R collection system loaded within Mie Trak Pro helps businesses

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