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LiquidPlanner is an innovative solution for project management based on predictive scheduling, which is essential for planning intelligently to predict, prioritise and perform. It can be used to curate plans that are in line with the goals or objectives of the client organisation. An intuitive dashboard allows the immediate authorities to allot tasks to the right people, thereby inclining towards both effort and time management. Time management is further enhanced with real-time collaborations on the platform itself that provides the clients with a schedule to be entrusted. Managing uncertainties is a big deal that is tough to crack by high-performing or large-scale industries. With LiquidPlanner, this aspect is taken care of through smart estimation that mitigates project risks right from the start. Its predictive scheduling engine enables clients to get a hint of the exact time for accomplishing a target in a continuously changing environment. Further, LiquidPlanner makes it easier to optimise workload by improving utilisation with auto-resource levelling across projects and

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