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Lever is a recruiting software that can be used to streamline hiring-related activities. It is an end-to-end talent acquisition platform that is capable of combining the advantages of a leading ATS and CRM system. Thus reducing the overall time needed for growing a potential company workforce and eliminating the need for silos. Lever creates personalised nature campaigns with automated drip sequence. It also comes equipped with referral gathering mechanisms that work with programs like LinkedIn Recruiter RSC and Chrome in a seamless manner. The software can also conduct diversity surveys, boosting internal mobility and confidential hiring processes. Lever automation hub allows candidates to self-schedule, simplifying the interview and hiring process in real-time. Moreover, custom dashboards for hiring managers are capable of showcasing accurate data and analysable results. As an artificial intelligence-powered software, Lever gets an intuitive candidate relationship management tool that provides targeted talent pools along with a talent database for seamless business use.

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