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Kantree is a work management tool that helps pan-organization teams to organize, plan and manage their work. It enables them to leverage their existing pool of talent and domain knowledge in their company by providing them complete control over current projects and business workflows. Users can choose from a range of project deployment capabilities such as SCRUM or Kanban, or even a personalized management process. Customizable card fields, multiple types of cards, unlimited card hierarchy, WIP limits, auto-assignment and more critical features help to create complex workflows. Group boards segregated by different fields, create custom contexts, and filter cards in real-time to get different views on projects. Kantree even enables the user to track their team performance using cumulative flow diagrams, cycle times, burndown charts and more. It allows users to facilitate communication with clients by inviting them to view and/or participate in projects. Kantree also saves projects locally so that they stay accessible when the user is on

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