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iContact is an email marketing platform that has easy-to-use tools to help you grow your audience, create stunning emails, customize your replies, and automate your relations. It comes with toolkits that you need as a small business owner to grow your audience and connect with them efficiently. They have simple tools to match your entrepreneur mind. Now, enterprises can create perfect emails from scratch or can use the in-built templates. In addition, they can create their own space online with aesthetic and meaningful content that matches your niche. You can now automate your email replies with welcoming emails, anniversary emails, acceptance mails, and more with iContact. You can also build multi-step fostering emails for new subscribers to guide them through the entire process. These new subscribers will turn into buyers. You also have the option to optimize your delivery time and send emails during crucial times. Their plan ranges from $75 to $700 a month, depending on your target and goals

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