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Hygger is a project management software that helps companies to focus on their customers’ needs and build products using Kanban or Scrum project tools. Its swimlanes feature helps companies to highlight the most important tasks on the boards so that they don’t miss them. Work in Progress (WIP) limits allows them to complete work faster by helping teams to focus on ongoing tasks. With Scrum tools, users can track their progress with story points, hours estimation, burndown charts and sprints release reports. They can also generate advanced reports about teams’ performance, billing and payroll. Hygger helps to create accurate roadmaps to share future release plans with stakeholders, sales, support and marketing teams. Its Value-Effort feature allows companies to rate their ideas, tasks or projects to identify risky or important matters. It helps them to make better decisions within the available resources. The Eisenhower Matrix prioritises tasks between ‘urgent’ and ‘important

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