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HRMantra is an HR and payroll software that helps automate complicated hiring processes and eliminate recurring tasks. It is available as an on-campus cloud solution and has a completely integrated mobile app for the self-services driven functions. The tool is useful for the HR Management department as it allows users to create org hierarchies, report rights for each user level, and also generate multiple HRIS reports. It can also be used for creating a learning management system based on training cycles, identifying training needs, getting feedback, and monitoring acquired competencies. Companies can manage recruitments by using the software for tasks ranging from uploading staff requisition on job sites to converting the selected candidates’ data into employee information. The tool enables users to create client projects, assign employees, monitor their timesheets, and also work out project profitabilities. Other applications of HRMAntra include performance management, attendance and leave management, payroll software, and even travel and help desk management.

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