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GuideCX is a customer-centric project management software that is used for onboarding teams. It is a smart solution that reduces go-time by nearly 30%. It works in a way that customers are kept in the loop, thus improving satisfaction and outcomes. With the tool, teams know what needs to be done, who is accountable, and who needs help, while external customers know what to expect and with whom to communicate. This increases team efficiency and bandwidth, which leads to greater output and satisfaction. Users can map out their process and funnel pre-designed templates into a single project plan. It allows users to customize tasks to account for various stages as well. With the tool, users can white-label GuideCX's product with their brand for customers, third parties, and vendors. Users can manage their expectations and workflow with automated communication, making things simple. The tool provides insights into what is happening with progress reports and automated email notifications. Users can analyze their project

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