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Hi there! GoodDay is a modern work management software that brings the best collaboration management tools required for planning, project management, organizing tasks, and maintaining transparency. The software assures targeting business goals, strategic planning, tracking KPI progress and recording achievements. Users can also visualize their work and get a quick view about the project status, and work on current priorities without delay. Moreover, they can take a look at the ‘My Work’ dashboard section and get a clear idea of all the relevant tasks. This software has been designed to work, analyze and improve, thus leading to business growth. GoodDay has many features such as process and task management, handling events and deadlines, providing customization, offering work and management views and time management. The software also comes with a user-friendly interface and a detailed reports and analytics feature. GoodDay is easy to install and it widely focuses on collecting data, transforming them into interactive reports while planning and reducing lengthy implementation processes.

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