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GanttPro is an advanced online project management software based on Gantt charts, which enables organisations to plan out simplistic strategies with individual team members while keeping the clients updated on every move. It hosts a variety of features assuring seamless business, which makes work life much easier. Large teams get to collaborate with each other and avoid unnecessary confusions by making real-time comments and mentions, synchronising data, attaching important files and forwarding relevant notifications. The inbuilt budget tracking feature helps accountants calculate estimated costs besides monitoring the actual costs. A variety of security measures protects data stored within the software. It incorporates OneLogin, Okta, Azure AD and SAML providers along with a two-factor authentication system to assure proper safety. Admins are also entitled to monitor log actions, grant permissions, assign or reassign tasks and schedule working hours. GanttPro supports active integrations with platforms like Google Drive, API and Jira Cloud.

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