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FreshMail is an email marketing and newsletter software that enables businesses to gain access to beautifully designed mailing templates and newsletters. The software helps to create lead nurturing programs, unique e-learning courses or use cyclical messages to keep the subscribers engaged. Moreover, it automatically responds to all the customers’ actions on users’ behalf. FreshMail allows businesses to track emails in real-time and let them see who has opened their newsletter or clicked on the attached link. The software enables users to check how emails are displayed to clients and make sure that they are not classified as spam. In addition, they can even create newsletter subscription forms and high converting pop-ups to build a subscriber database. Another benefit of FreshMail is that it boosts the effectiveness of campaigns by sending emails at those times when the click ratio is highest. For further effectiveness, it helps to find new solutions with the help of testing alternative lines, template designs and email content.

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