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Favro is an advanced collaboration and planning app that allows teams to organize their working structure as per individual business needs. It helps in creating a flexible vision with multiple groups and boards at a single place. With the app, the marketing team can monitor their daily work and development team can get the sprints and backlogs streamlined. Sheets and database feature offered by Favro can be used to add columns, organise hierarchies and conduct calculations in order to bring down big chunks of work into smaller ones. It facilitates real-time collaboration, helping both office and remote work run in a seamless manner. With this platform, one can build an executive dashboard enlisting the roadmap of the entire team within a single view. Google docs or Word documents can be replaced with Favro. Users can schedule marketing campaigns, write stories or execute plans directly within Favro besides automating their individual workflows. Favro offers active integrations with tools like Google

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