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BlueJeans is a smart and straightforward video conferencing tool for the modern Digital Workplace. Users can make use of BlueJeans Meetings through which they can collaborate effectively with audio, video, and web conferencing from any device. It transforms the users' video conferencing experience by integrating audio and video performance with high productivity features like Dolby Voice+ HD Video, Smart Meeting i.e., assigning actions, critical meeting moments, and security tools combined with a comprehensive security toolkit. Users can facilitate an interactive meeting experience by sharing any content and using annotation, illuminating critical details. They can make use of an inbuilt whiteboard for their brainstorming sessions. Users do not need to download anything to use BlueJeans; they can just join in quickly from their browser and get an immersive video and spatial audio experience. The platform provides complete visibility into their BlueJeans environment through real-time insights into network conditions, meeting

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