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ApplicantPro is an applicant tracking system and hiring software that helps companies with their hiring process. With this software, companies get to ensure that their job postings are seen by the top talents and less time is spent on manual labour. It has a two-step application process that provides a hassle-free way to increase the application rate and maximise the applicant flow. ApplicantPro can be used to create fully branded career pages where job seekers can explore jobs for themselves and apply easily. The software enables an easy way for companies to manage conversations with their candidates over text and email right from their messaging inbox. ApplicantPro saves users time by auto-filtering applicants through customisable job-related screening questions. The software also helps to streamline scheduling arrange meetings on time and avoid no-shows. In addition, it can also be used to streamline HR processes including background checks, onboarding and assessments for seamless communication across platforms.

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