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HungerRush is an advanced Restaurant Management Solution (RMS) that helps businesses to scale their proceedings by understanding their customers better. With its digitized multi-channel ordering system, customers get the options to place their orders in a way that matches their preferences. It helps restaurants to unite their front and back offices and increase ordering options available to guests. The software provides integrated marketing solutions that result in effective customer retention and restaurant development. Hotels can deploy integrated solutions in their delivery system and introduce a curbside pickup for better delivery according to customer preferences. HungerRush comes with built-in digital agility that helps restaurants to do their work as per customer preferences. Besides multi-channel ordering, the software also helps restaurants with personalized marketing, loyalty and widely used payment options. HungerRush also connects restaurants with the Small Business Administrator (SBA) that aims to help organisations. Users can add text marketing facility into their marketing strategy to learn customer trends, target promotions

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