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Ftrack is an intuitive media production monitoring software that helps clients with their production, review, and collaboration needs. It comes with a robust ecosystem of tools that streamline scheduled tasks. The inbuilt project planning tools help users plan each step of their projects, eliminating unnecessary hassles regarding deadlines and due submissions. Further, the detailed reports provided by Ftrack help users monitor project-specific progress levels in detail, discover bottlenecks, and optimise the overall approach accordingly. For large teams, the dedicated team management portal, video review facility, and a separate asset management module are of great help. Users can also add features of their own, customise workflows, automate processes, and personalise Ftrack flexes accordingly while developing project-specific pipelines of their own. A virtual production management portal helps with latlong/360 video reviews and real-time asset tracking. Ftrack abides by stringent cybersecurity laws and provides real-time updates to assure proper protection of the stored data

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