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CoreStack is an AI-powered multi-cloud governance solution that helps companies to achieve autonomous and continuous cloud governance at scale. The solution enables users to assess FinOps maturity besides managing multi-cloud costs with the help of inbuilt features related to budgets, financials and forecasts. It also allows companies to streamline SecOps through real-time and collective visibility into safety threats, vulnerability information and attacks alike. With CoreStack, companies can achieve uninterrupted cloud compliance against the rapidly growing regulatory and industry standards that need to be followed. It also allows them to follow compliance-related best practices such as CIS Azure, FedRAMP, NIST, PCI DSS HIPAA, CIS AWS and AWS Well-Architectured Framework. The solution helps users efficiently govern multi-cloud operations with enhanced productivity through a rule-based orchestration. Furthermore, CoreStack also offers world-class learning and training experience with its automated training labs.

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