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Apache CloudStack is an open-source cloud computing software that helps companies deploy and manage large networks of digital machines, as a highly scalable Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) cloud computing solution. The software is compatible with the most popular industry-specific hypervisors like KVM, Hyper-V, XenServer/XCP and/or VMware ESXi with vSphere, enabling seamless business. It also comes equipped with a friendly interface allowing businesses to get their cloud space monitored with ease. Apache CloudStack's native API is compatible with an Amazon S3/EC2 object storage service. This allows companies to manage storage, in cases where they are using hypervisors (primary storage) along with other elements like snapshots, templates and ISO images (secondary storage). Apache CloudStack also allows users to orchestrate network services from the data link layer (L2) to the application layer (L7) services, like NAT, DHCP, VPN, firewall, etc. The software also

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Apache CloudStack



  • Works with hosts running XenServer/XCP
  • KVM
  • Hyper-V
  • and/or VMware ESXi with vSphere
  • Web-based UI for managing the cloud
  • Native API
  • May provide an Amazon S3/EC2 compatible API (optional)
  • Manages storage for instances running on the hypervisors (primary storage) as well as templates
  • snapshots
  • and ISO images (secondary storage)
  • Orchestrates network services from the data link layer (L2) to some application layer (L7) services
  • such as DHCP
  • NAT
  • firewall
  • VPN
  • and so on
  • Accounting of network
  • c

Key Features of Apache CloudStack

  • Real-time Sync
  • Centralized Storage
  • Traffic Filter
  • Task Automation
  • Multi-cloud Management
  • Automated Deployment
  • Multi-factor Authentication
  • Compliance Management
  • API Integration
  • Budget Tracking (Job Costing)
  • Contract (SLA Management)
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Dashboard
  • Capacity Analytics
  • Inventory Tracking
  • Hypervisor Support
  • Version Control


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  • Company Name: Apache CloudStack
  • Headquarter: Germany,
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Top 5 Apache CloudStack features

  • Real-time Sync
  • Centralized Storage
  • Traffic Filter
  • Task Automation
  • Multi-cloud Management

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