Why Your SaaS SEO Strategy May Not Be Delivering As Expected

Yash Prajapati
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Why Your SaaS SEO Strategy May Not Be Delivering As Expected

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    Software-as-a-service (SaaS) has emerged as a thriving model for tech-forward companies in recent years. SaaS solutions are cost-effective, scalable, and flexible, making them ideal for startups and established players. According to statistics, there are nearly 9100 SaaS companies in the US, serving 15 billion customers worldwide. These numbers translate into a huge opportunity for business owners.

    However, it also spells stiff competition, making it essential to stand out and gain the trust of your target audience. A robust SaaS SEO strategy can help you gain visibility, outreach, and credibility. SIXGUN, a digital agency offering SaaS focused SEO in Brisbane, shares that most SaaS businesses would benefit from implementing a detailed SEO strategy. With data showing that 68% of website traffic begins with a search query, an SEO software plan is something you cannot miss out on.

    However, many SaaS companies find their SEO efforts failing to deliver on expectations despite meticulous planning and execution. Knowing where you may be falling short is the first step to improving your strategy for the better. In this article, we will highlight the potential reasons for your SaaS SEO strategy not being good enough. 

    1: Failing to Address Target Audience’s Intent

    The global SaaS market is worth a staggering $195 billion as of now, but getting your fair share is about understanding your target audience. If your SEO strategy fails to focus on their search intent, you cannot expect it to work. In this context, search intent represents a software solution that addresses their business goals and pain points.

    When conducting keyword research, you should understand what your user wants to find. Your software may have incredible features and capabilities, but it should satisfy the needs of consumers. For example, a company offering a SaaS product automating the credit check process can build a successful strategy by picking high-volume keywords such as “business checks.”.

    At the same time, it should focus on niche keywords relevant to its software offering. Long-tail keywords focusing on user intent can give them better chances of appearing in searches and engaging the audience. A balanced mix can help SaaS sellers get the best of both worlds. Virayo, an SEO agency, recommends building a conversion-focused keyword roadmap from the outset.

    2: Ineffective Content Optimization

    SaaS SEO can go wrong due to ineffective content optimization. Sellers often become so enamored with the cool features of their products that they forget that people seek solutions rather than products. If your content fails to highlight how your software can solve problems, it will probably not attract genuine buyers.In the realm of SaaS SEO, overlooking the importance of technical SEO can lead to ineffective content optimization strategies. While showcasing the innovative features of your product is crucial, it's equally vital to emphasize how your software addresses users' needs and resolves their challenges organically. Doing a live video with low latency streaming can be a powerful way to showcase this in real-time, as it allows you to interact directly with your audience, answer their questions, and provide demonstrations that highlight how your software meets their needs effectively.

    Most SaaS buyers are time-pressed business leaders seeking providers offering quick solutions and proper education. The correct approach with content and SEO is to find the sweet spot between search intent, volume, and defining solutions to the problem you can solve for buyers. Ensure that your content has depth, originality, and relevance to the target keywords. 

    Consider working with a SaaS SEO agency that takes a deep dive into the overarching business goals, customer pain points, and top competitors. With this mindset, they can create a strategy that gives your business effective and sustainable results. 

    3: Overlooking Technical SEO

    The look and feel of your website matter, but overlooking technical SEO can hamper the results of your strategy. Did you know that the average load time for websites in 2023 was only 2.5 seconds on desktops and 8.6 seconds on mobile devices? Anything more means visitors bouncing away for good, and it may happen if your technical SEO Services is not sound enough.

    Loading your SaaS website with heavy images, fancy videos, and impressive animations may do more harm than good if you fail to optimize them. Also, look after the basics like proper use of canonical tags and avoiding broken links. These factors can affect the user experience and result in a drop in search rankings. Invest in regular SEO audits and address issues promptly to improve the visibility of your SaaS website.  

    4: Inadequate Backlink Profile

    Forbes notes that quality content, backlinks, and search intent relevance were the most critical SEO factors in 2023, and they will continue to stay on top. Backlinks are valuable because they serve as a vote of confidence from other websites. However, creating a high-quality backlink profile requires effort, time, and strategy.

    SaaS companies may struggle in this context because they fall short of networking opportunities or compelling content worth linking to. The best way to ramp up your SEO plan is by forging genuine relationships with thought leaders and industry influencers. Also, creating valuable, shareable content can help you earn quality backlinks organically over time.


    SaaS SEO may be far more complicated than SEO for a B2C business that targets regular consumers. You need to go the extra mile to develop a smart strategy with relevant keywords, quality content, technical expertise, and valuable backlinks. At the same time, these are the places where you may fall short. You can avoid these pitfalls to ensure an SEO plan that gets you online visibility, attracts qualified leads, and ultimately achieves business objectives.

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