10 Best Email Marketing Software Tools For Growing Businesses (2024)

Yash Prajapati
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10 Best Email Marketing Software Tools For Growing Businesses (2024)

What we'll cover

    Email marketing software has become a vital tool for companies trying to boost growth and optimise their marketing campaigns in the current digital environment. You can optimise campaigns, save time, and successfully engage your audience using email automation software. We'll look at the best 10 email automation software packages in this blog article, which may help you grow your company in 2024.

    What is Email Marketing Software

    In the US, Email marketing software is used for more than simply bulk emailing. It's about nurturing leads, creating enduring relationships, and sending your audience timely, relevant content. By using intelligent processes and automating tedious chores, you can concentrate on what really matters growing your company.The main goal of marketing is to create awareness about a product or service, generate interest in it, and ultimately drive sales. It is an essential aspect of any business, regardless of its size or industry. Without effective marketing, a company would struggle to attract and retain customers, making it difficult to generate revenue and sustain growth.

    1. Hubspot Marketing Hub

    The HubSpot Marketing Hub is comprehensive, user-friendly software that assists companies in drawing in, interacting with, delighting, and converting potential clients into paying customers. 

    It will help your marketing staff stay focused and in sync with the most crucial component of your company: your consumers.


    1. Analytics, dashboards & reporting

    2. Automation

    3. Form generation

    4. Content creation

    5. Social media management


    1. Firstly, $0 per month (Free)

    2. Secondly, $45/month (Starter)

    3. Thirdly, $800/month (Professional)

    4. Fourthly, $3,200/month (Enterprise)


    1. One major feature of Hubspot's CRM platform is email marketing.

    2.  Businesses may develop beautifully designed, highly customised, conversion-optimized email campaigns with a range of email marketing options at their disposal. 

    3. In fact, its resource library includes a tonne of e-books and courses on email marketing that will educate you how to utilise Hubspot to build visually appealing email campaigns. 


    1. Despite all of its benefits, Hubspot might not be the ideal choice for everyone.

    2. Hubspot has a few notable drawbacks, such being pricey, having few features, and offering tech support just for the most basic plans.

    3. To assist you in determining if Hubspot is the best platform for your requirements, let's examine some drawbacks of utilising it for email marketing. 

    2. SendPulse 

    Similarly to HubSpot, this platform provides a one-stop solution for businesses looking to get serious with email marketing. SendPulse has everything starting from simple mass email campaigns and ending with elaborate transactional messages triggered by customers’ actions. Lead generation capabilities are impressive too, as users can choose from landing pages, subscription forms, pop-ups, or even a chatbot that can generate leads by requesting contact information. All the customer data is stored within a built-in CRM system and can be later used for segmenting your email lists and email personalization. 


    • Automation 360 - multichannel sales funnel automation 

    • Pre-made templates + drag-and-drop email template builder 

    • Mobile-friendly landing pages, subscription forms, and pop-ups

    • Email verification tool 

    • SMTP server for transactional messages 

    • sales CRM system 


    • Free - 15.000 emails per month to 500 subscribers

    • Standard - $7 per month unlimited emails, the price depends on the number of subscribers 


    • Great free plan for small businesses. 

    • All-in-one solution if you need other tools apart from email marketing. 

    • 24/7 customer support. 


    • Not all features are available on a free plan. 

    3. Campaigner 

    Campaigner provides strong email and SMS personalisation, easy-to-understand reporting, and sophisticated marketing automation. Additionally, an eCommerce-focused version with Shopify and Magento integration is available, along w\ith specialized Shopify apps to enhance the platform's functionality and streamline operations. Reputation Defender, a list verification tool included with Campaigner, evaluates the calibre of the email addresses you upload into the platform on a regular basis to make sure your email lists are free of dangerous addresses. Campaigner has features to help with every level of the funnel, from generating leads and gathering email addresses to converting and keeping customers.


    • Email Automation
    • Testing
    • Segmentation
    • Contact Management
    • Personalization
    • Template Editor
    • Form Management


    1. Starter: From $59/mo for up to 5k contacts ($104/mo for email & SMS plan)

    2. Essential: From $179/mo for up to 25k contacts ($224/mo for email & SMS plan)

    3. Advanced: From $649/mo for up to 100k contacts ($694/mo for email & SMS plan)


    1. Lengthy free review period

    2. Intuitive interface and user-friendly

    3. Wide range of features


    1. No forever-free plan for small users

    2. Accessing the free trial isn't always as simple as you'd expect

    3. Template navigation can be challenging

    4. ConvertKit

    One easy-to-use programme that might help grow your email list of subscribers is ConvertKit. There isn't much room left for a small business to continue on the basic plan. Upon closer examination of its features, it becomes difficult to defend charging more for things like a restricted selection of email templates. Even those with no prior expertise in email marketing might find the programme to be quite helpful. Getting stuck paying for this platform, though, is a hard sell for most companies, especially as their email list starts to grow.   


    • Landing Pages & Forms

    • Broadcasts

    • Sequences

    • Automations


    1. Extensive contact tagging

    2. User-friendly automation designer

    3. Available free tier

    4. Annual discounts


    1. Expensive for large subscriber databases

    2. No phone or live chat support, email only

    3. Lacks integration with other platforms

    4. Very limited contacts on free tier

    5. Beefree

    Email design is hard. If you’re not a designer, it can be tough to create an email that looks good on all devices. That’s where Beefree comes in. BEE is a drag & drop editor that makes designing mobile responsive emails and landing pages easy. In this BeeFree review, I’ll show you where BEE shines among other AI email marketing tools and how you can create beautiful emails. At the end of this tutorial, you’ll know exactly how to design beautiful email templates or landing pages even if you have no design experience.


    1. Powered by AI Technology

    2. Integrations


    1. Free – $0/month

    2. Freelancer – $15/month

    3. Team – $30/month

    4. Agency – $120/month


    User-friendly interface of the Beefree email editor. If you have any experience in marketing, you can easily get around Beefree drag-n-drop editor and start creating simple email designs without a designer or coder.

    Large collection of Beefree email templates. Paid pricing plan gives you access to hundreds of ready-made templates thatyou can edit and customize as you like. You can find practically any template you need in the Beefree template library. 

    Responsive emails. Today, mobile responsiveness is a must. Beefree helps you create responsive emails that look decent on every device


    1. You’ll have to do some manual work. For example, you’ve got to export the HTML code of your email manually. In some cases, you might need to edit the HTML to make sure it displays correctly before sending the email via your ESP or MAP. 

    2. You can’t edit the HTML code of the ready-made elements right in the editor. It’s not a game changer if you’re not planning to code, but if you need this feature, perhaps you’d like to have a look at Beefree alternatives. 

    6. Omnisend

    You may construct email marketing and marketing automation campaigns using Omnisend, a highly strong and user-friendly email marketing solution. It is an e-commerce solution with several connectors that has established a name for itself in the industry for marketing automation tools and email marketing software.

    You may take use of the traditional emailing tool capabilities (campaign design, marketing automation workflows, conversion newsletters, etc.) with it. Although the product is rather antiquated overall particularly in terms of its reporting capabilities it is highly well-liked and ideal for people who are new to email marketing.


    1. drag-and-drop email template builder

    2. marketing automation

    3. builder


    1. Free plan: $0/mo

    2. Standard Plan:70$/mo

    3. Plan Pro: $105/mo


    • Good customer support Omnisend’s support team is responsive and responds to customer queries quickly.

    • Ease of integration The tool offers one-click integrations with major e-commerce platforms such as WooCommerce and Shopify with less technical know-how.

    • Product picker tool One interesting feature is that you can select the product you want to add to your emails, and the product picker tool will fetch all its details automatically in your email.


    • Basic email editor The template editor lacks advanced features, making designing tedious. For instance, there is no inbox and dark mode preview option, no interactive AMP email support and the premade templates are also basic.

    • Low deliverability rate Omnisend had an average 75.1% email deliverability rate, far below its competitors. So, your emails might end up in spam.

    • Limited integrations Even though Omnisend integrates with major e-commerce brands, it doesn’t integrate with Google Analytics or many CRM software.

    7. Freshsales

    Freshsales, previously known as Freshworks CRM, is a CRM platform with over 40,000 customers. It offers lead capture methods, contact and deal management tools, workflow automations, and insights reporting. We recommend Freshsales to those who need a beginner solution with a strong set of communication channels and digital marketing tools.


    1. Starting Price: US$15.00/month

    2. Free Version: Yes

    3. Free trial: Yes


    1. Tools to track how customers engage with a brand.

    2. Track user engagement with websites.

    3. Flexibility with sales process.

    4. Regular updates to the app and responsive to requests.


    1. Needs more options for exporting information.

    2. Improvements on accessibility options for collaborators.

    3. Fewer third-party integrations than offered by competitors.

    4. Reports not available in free plan version.

    8. Monday.com

    Monday is a popular and versatile work management tool marketers can leverage for email marketing campaigns. Using monday, users can develop an automated experience that streamlines all of their team’s campaign tasks and schedules content accordingly. The platform offers the ability to plan, execute and monitor email marketing campaigns with a drag-and-drop workflow builder, among other helpful tools, making it our pick for the best email marketing solution for email marketing campaign management.


    1. monday projects

    2. monday devs

    3. monday sales CRM

    4. monday work management

    5. Pricing and integration capabilities


    1. Basic Plan - $8/user/month

    2. Standard Plan - $10/user/month

    3. Pro Plan - $16/user/month


    1. Monday’s wide selection of templates, helpful features, campaign management and automation propel marketing teams toward their goals.

    2. Monday is among the best on the market at fostering seamless workflows and collaboration.

    3. Monday offers a 14-day free trial, and paid plans start at levels suitable for small businesses on a budget.


    1. The software could have a steep learning curve for users who have no prior experience with project management tools.

    2. Monday sends out a lot of email notifications if individual users don’t take the time to set up their preferences.

    9. AWeber

    Leading online marketing platform AWeber has all the resources you need to build strong client connections, create leads, and boost conversions. Small companies have relied on AWeber since 1998 to provide them the ability to reach out and develop a solid client base. You may create an effective automated marketing campaign by combining audience segmentation, flexible autoresponders, and email marketing newsletters. Additionally, performance analysis and data gathering guarantee that you have all the information required to continue developing and expanding.


    1. autoresponder functionality

    2. marketing automation functionality

    3. reporting

    4. split testing


    1. Plus: $19.99/month

    2. Lite: $12.49/month

    3. Free: $0.00/month


    1. The Free plan lets you build 1 landing page.

    2. More than 600 email templates. Or, you can build your own from your website URL with the Smart Designer.


    1. 24/7 live chat support even on the free plan and an international telephone help desk

    2. Automations are a little basic. I’d like to see a visual workflow editor and conditions.

    3. A dedicated section for segmentation would be useful. 

    10. iContact

     iContact is a solid email-marketing application for beginners and advanced users alike.It offers all of the fundamental features you need to manage an email campaign. What sets it apart is the premier service, which includes personal advisers who help customers create effective marketing plans. This platform’s social media integration is also something you won’t find with other email marketing service providers.


    1. Drag and drop email editor: 

    2. Email Templates: 

    3. Lead Generation:

    4. Marketing Automation: 

    5. Smart Sending:

    6. Integrations:


    1. Launch: $14 per month

    2. Grow: $20 per month

    3. Expand: $65 per month

    4. Advanced: $95 per month

    5. Advanced+: $199 per month


    1. The Free plan has 500 emails/month, automation tools, and AB testing.

    2. All the templates look great and require minor customization.

    3. The whole platform is super easy-to-use.


    1. Amazing support team and resources.

    2. Landing page templates would be a good addition. Now there are only design themes.

    3. The templates look great, but we’d love to see some more.

    4. Automation is good for basic flows only.


    Each of these Email marketing and form generation software US market tools offers unique features and benefits to help you streamline your marketing efforts and drive business growth. As you consider implementing email automation in your strategy, carefully evaluate your specific needs and choose the tool that aligns best with your goals and budget. Remember, successful email automation goes beyond just choosing the right software. Saas Adviser requires thoughtful planning, compelling content, and continuous optimization. With the right approach and the power of automation on your side, you'll be able to nurture leads, engage customers, and achieve remarkable results. Embrace the power of email automation and watch your business thrive in 2024 and beyond.

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